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Chocolate Plant Based Protein


The Plant-based Protein powders combine 2 of the most digestible and safe protein sources available, hemp and brown rice protein, creating a complete amino acid profile that avoids hard to digest legume proteins. The superfoods and superherbs increase nutritional density and Monk Fruit adds sweetness without the sugar blues.

High in total protein (43%), sugar free, pea free, soya free, 70% superfoods, contains adaptogenic herbs, naturally zero GI sweetened

Certified Organic | Vegan | No Fillers | Non GMO | Pesticide Free | Chemical Free

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500g tin
The packaging is biodegradable and refillable.

Hemp Protein, Brown Rice Protein, Cacao Powder, Mesquite, Lucuma, Chia, Maca, Hemp Seeds, Cinnamon, Ashwagandha, Monk Fruit Extract, Rock Salt (All ingredients are certified organic)

Product of Europe, China, Africa

How to use
To make a superfood protein smoothie as a workout supplement or meal replacement, blend with 250ml water or milk alternative, nuts, frozen banana and dates or honey to sweeten.

End of life
Shelf Life: 18 – 24 months


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