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Bokashi Bran® Starter Kit – 25L bucket & 1kg Bokashi Bran®


Why Bokashi?  90% of food waste goes to landfill sites.  The food waste, when not treated, generates methane and leachate in landfills.  Leachates contaminate the groundwater, and methane is a greenhouse gas, 84 times more harmful than carbon dioxide over a 20-year period; contributing significantly to global warming.

In excess of 5 million tonnes of food waste is disposed of in South Africa each year from households, corporate canteens and the hospitality industry. A further 10 million tonnes is disposed from activities including farm excess, logistics and processing.

Environmentally Friendly | Reusable | Recyclable | Local

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The packaging is 100% recyclable.

Made in South Africa

How to use
Step 1: Keep a compost bin on your counter to collect all peels and leftovers from your plate. Open your bin as little as possible, aim for twice a day. Ensure the lid is closed to avoid flies from laying eggs and maggots appearing.  Anything goes except oil, liquids, rotten food.
Step 2: Start your bucket with a layer of Bokashi Bran®.
Add a maximum of 7cm of food waste per layer.
Sprinkle 100ml Bokashi Bran® over the waste layer, if adding bones or meat sprinkle a little extra.
It’s important to ensure the bucket is properly sealed. Repeat the layering process until the bucket is full.
Place the full bucket somewhere out of direct sunlight for 2 weeks to complete the fermentation process.
Continue your daily food recycling using a second bucket.
Step 3: The bucket comes with a straining tray and tap for the liquid which drains from the food waste.
Shake the bucket to see if you have “bokashi tea” to tap off. Don’t leave the liquid in the bucket for too long as it does start smelling.
This is very concentrated organic plant food. Tap the liquid off and dilute about a cup of bokashi tea in 25 litres of water.

Please note
– It is recommended to have 2 buckets to cover the 2 week fermentation period.
– This is a bulky product shipped directly from the supplier and the courier fee will be added at checkout.
– Courier fee: R153 delivery to major cities and R227 for outlying areas.

End of life
The bucket is reusable and recyclable


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